Etude 2006 Pinot Noir


The Etude 2006 Pinot Noir has classic Carneros Pinot Noir characteristics: light, smooth, lighter in color, herbaceous, and pepper.

The color is a slightly darker shade of red, like a deep ruby.  On the nose, you can smell hints of Bing cherry, sweet maple, subtle scent of alcohol and smoke.  The nose on this wine made me think as I took my first sip I was going to get a full body and luxurious texture with a lingering finish, but I was pleasantly surprised, it was light and smooth with a little kick from the black pepper and herbaceous bell pepper flavor.

The Etude 2006 Pinot Noir runs a little hot at first sip, but softens as it breathes.  I recommend letting it breathe in the bottle before serving or in the glass before drinking.


Winery: Etude
Winery Location: Napa, California
Vintage: 2006
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Appellation: Carneros
Alcohol by Volume: 14.2%

Categories: Carneros, Pinot Noir, Red Wine

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