Peju Province Winery


The Peju (“pay-Ju”) Province estate is in the middle of the cluster of wineries off St. Helena Highway in Rutherford, Napa Valley.  Situated next to St. Supery and a hop-skip away from Robert Mondavi, Nickle & Nickle, and Hall.  Peju is a must stop as you drive through Napa on St. Helena Highway

The Peju estate is gorgeous, the well manicured lawn and vineyard is immaculate. As you walk through the estate, you will be greeted with art sculptures at every corner.  Tables and chairs are conveniently placed around the estate and fountains surround the building creating a soothing zen ambiance.  So if you need a moment to take in all the zen and beauty around the estate before, after, or during you tasting of Peju’s wine, pack a light lunch and indulge.

As you enter the tasting room, you’re greeted by Peju’s friendly staff.  You’ll have the option of shopping around, do a self guided tour of their art studio and barrel room upstairs, or do some wine tasting.   The tasting room staff is full of character, you have Alan “the Yodelmeister” (a grey haired wine rapper – yes, he literally raps through the entire tasting!), “the dancing kid”, or any of the entertaining and knowledgeable staff.  Peju’s wine speaks for it’s self, but it doesn’t hurt to have entertainment while you taste.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood or in the mood for some good wine, Peju is highly recommended!


Welcome Statue

Barrel Room

Barrel Room



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