Talley Vineyards

Talley Vineyards

Talley Vineyards

If you’re a fan of light, smooth, peppery, earthy, and minerally Pinot Noir, and a fan of buttery oak filled Chardonnay, you’ll love Talley Vineyards’ wine! Talley Vineyards is located in the heart of California’s Central Coast in a quaint town called Arroyo Grande.

The California Central Coast is quickly building a name for itself in the world of wine.  The foggy and cool mornings, the warm and clear days, combined with the quick and swift cooling nights, are components ideal for varietals like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir which thrives with slow ripening.  In addition to the weather element, the Central Coast also consists of granite, serpentine, shale, and sandstone which is loosely packed and allows for good drainage.

Talley Vineyards takes full advantage of the Central Coast climate and geographical conditions, yielding palate pleasing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from their 7 vineyards in 2 sub-regions. In Arroyo Grande Valley, Talley has Rosemary’s Vineyard, Monte Sereno Vineyards, Las Ventanas Vineyards, and Rincon Vineyards.  In Edna Valley, Talley has Oliver’s Vineyard and Stone Corral Vineyards.  Each vineyard has it’s unique character and dramatically different terrior.

The Talley Vineyards estate is well manicured and beautiful.  There is a cute little picnic area next to a fountain outside of the tasting room.  There are breath taking panoramic views of the vineyards as a backdrop to the tasting room.


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