2011 Domaine De Menard Cuvee Marine


This is one of my everyday-drinking wines.  It’s light and dry, just what I like for my white wines!

On the nose, is a lot of grapefruit, a little bit of lemon and a subtle hint of grass.  On the palate, it is tarty, tangy, and crisp with a clean finish (which means there’s very little of a lingering taste on your tongue).  The wine does round out after it airs out for about 30 minutes, the tarty and tangy taste mellows out.

I thought that this wine might go well with something buttery to soften the sharpness and the tang, so I decided to make Pan Seared Scallops with an Avocado and Peas Risotto.  Unfortunately, I was wrong… it was better as two separate entities.


Categories: Colombard, France, Sauvignon Blanc, White Wine, Wine Library, Wine Region

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